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EPiServer Social Reach 2.2.4

Enables editors to send updates on social channels using a unified workspace.

13166 downloads | Tags: EPiServerModulePackage EPiServerAddOn EPiServer Social SocialReach


Social Feed Blocks 1.0.1

Makes it possible to integrate a Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter feed as a block into the EPiServer Al ...

1495 downloads | Tags: facebook, twitter, linkedin, episerver, social, alloy


Disqus comments for EPiServer CMS 1.4.0

Disqus integration for EPiServer-based websites

1368 downloads | Tags: EPiServerPublicModulePackage ThirdPartyAddOn Disqus Comments Social


Disqus comments configuration UI 1.4.0

User interface to configure Disqus comments on EPiServer-based websites.

1351 downloads | Tags: EPiServerModulePackage ThirdPartyAddOn Disqus Comments Social UI


Episerver Social - Cloud Components 1.5.1

This package adds common libraries supporting communication within the Episerver Social framework.

710 downloads | Tags: EPiServer EPiServerSocial Social Common SocialCommonRest

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