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EPiServer.Framework 10.10.4

EPiServer Framework Assemblies

305242 downloads | Tags: EPiServer Framework


EPiServer Common Framework 8.0.0

EPiServer Common Framework

13165 downloads | Tags: EPiServer Common Framework


EPiServer.Common.Gadgets 7.5.446.2

This package contains the assemblies needed to use the online center gadgets provided by EPiServer C ...

4979 downloads | Tags: EPiServer CommonFramework


Episerver Social Framework 1.5.1

This package adds all features of the Episerver Social framework to an Episerver CMS site.

169 downloads | Tags: EPiServer EPiServerSocial EPiServerSocialFramework Social Framework


Epinova.SiteHostUrls 1.0.40048.22

Created absolute urls for links to internal pages in other langauges based on siteHost settings in E ...

40 downloads | Tags: EPiServer Epinova FURL EPiServerFramework config siteHost