CRUD Admin module for EPiServer DDS (Dynamic Data Store)

1286 total downloads | Latest version: 9.1.7 | Tags: EPiServer DDS Dynamic Data Store CRUD CMS DDSAmin


EPiImage is an award winning, free module that provides image scaling functionality, as well as two new property types: EPiImage Property that extends “URL to image” with a preview, and EPiImageGallery Property that provides a editor friendly way to add pictures to a gallery including drag and drop sorting, drag and drop adding of images from the file action menu (including whole folders), description texts, links etc. Requires EPiServer CMS 6 or CMS 6 R2

1272 total downloads | Latest version: 2.9.1


An alternative to Episerver's default category functionality, where categories are instead stored as localizable IContent. See for more details.

1269 total downloads | Latest version: 1.2.1 | Tags: Episerver, Geta

Episerver Social - Common Components

This package adds common libraries supporting the Episerver Social framework.

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Database driven localization provider for EPiServer

1236 total downloads | Latest version: 1.3.3 | Tags: Localization Provider DbLocalization DbLocalizationProvider LocalizationProvider

This assembly provides a developer with an easy way to build composite properties made up of multiple properties. It also allows a developer to create properties that are collections of composite properties, other features available are drag and drop sort, property copying and the ability to set property settings in code. Please see documentation on codeplex for more detailed information.

1209 total downloads | Latest version: 1.6.3

Apple Watch Channel

Apple Watch channel

1184 total downloads | Latest version: 1.0.5 | Tags: EPiServerPublicModulePackage TextTVChannel

Episerver Social - Cloud Components

This package adds common libraries supporting communication within the Episerver Social framework.

1167 total downloads | Latest version: 1.5.2 | Tags: EPiServer EPiServerSocial Social Common SocialCommonRest

Content Inspector

Adds a new menu item to content areas which will let you inspect the content, giving you an overview of nested content. Very useful for handling nested blocks.

1154 total downloads | Latest version: 1.4.0

EPiServer Add-On Converter

Converts Addons to Visual studio based nuget packages

1129 total downloads | Latest version: 3.4.0