Google Analytics Universal Tracking support to help create tracking script

A simple API to help you create valid javascript to be used with Universal Tracking for Google Analytics. Supports the Enhanced Ecommerce plugin.

1653 total downloads | Latest version: 1.1.5555.1132


EPiServer Mail Assemblies

1608 total downloads | Latest version: 10.0.0 | Tags: EPiServer Mail


Transforms a EPiServer project to run .net 4.0 (your application needs to target .net 4.0 before proceeding)

1595 total downloads | Latest version: 1.0.0

Disqus comments for EPiServer CMS

Disqus integration for EPiServer-based websites.

1457 total downloads | Latest version: 1.5.0 | Tags: EPiServerPublicModulePackage ThirdPartyAddOn Disqus Comments Social

Disqus comments configuration UI

Disqus integration UI for EPiServer-based websites.

1439 total downloads | Latest version: 1.5.0 | Tags: EPiServerModulePackage ThirdPartyAddOn Disqus Comments Social UI

EPiServer Connect For SharePoint

Integrate EPiServer site with SharePoint

1436 total downloads | Latest version: 2.3.1 | Tags: EPiServerModulePackage EPiServer SharePoint Connector

For use in conjunction with PageTypeBuilder v2.0 and EPiServer 6. This package will make a Property matching admin plugin avaialble in admin mode. The plugin allows a developer to see discrepencies between EPiServer page types and PageTypeBuilder TypedPageData classes.

1378 total downloads | Latest version: 2.0.2 | Tags: EPiServer


Add recipients to your newsletters from EPiServer Commerce contacts

1357 total downloads | Latest version: 9.0.0

EPiServer Developer Tools (EXPERIMENTAL)

EXPERIMENTAL! Allows to run various support tools on the site. Currently not officially supported by EPiServer Support Services. Use at your own risk!

1340 total downloads | Latest version: 3.1.0 | Tags: EPiServerModulePackage

Rest API for Commerce

A simple REST API for Episerver Commerce for development purposes only. This toolset should be treated as a utility box for your development project and not run in production environments.

1313 total downloads | Latest version: 2.2.0